Replacing Google Reader

I see that Google has announced they will no longer support Reader as of this summer.

I have been using Google Reader for the past several years in an attempt to stay informed with Educational Technology in these times of constant change.

So now what?

I’ve decided to give Flipboard a try.

Flipboard is a mobile app – designed to keep people informed and up-to-date with news and social media. It works with your  iPad, iPhone, or Android device. One thing I like about Flipboard is the ability to import Google Reader feeds.


Google Reader – Feeds & Folders set up on Flipboard

To get started, install the app and create an account. Click on the search icon and select the services you wish to import (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) – in this case, Google Reader. Your feeds will be displayed from the drop down “Feeds and Folders” menu and you can select the feeds you wish to add individually.

As far as sharing goes… after clicking on a story in Flipboard, open the original article and you will find a share link icon displayed in the upper right corner of the window. – here is where I link my Twitter account to Flipboard – making tweeting using Flipboard very convenient.

That’s it – as far as setting up Flipboard to replace Google Reader. I actually prefer using my tablet over my desktop – I find it much easier to read and share.


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