Make clear your expectations.

In the movie Office Space, Joanna follows the suggested guidelines of wearing 15 pieces of “flair” on her uniform. Stan, her manager repeatedly calls her on it, pointing out that 15 pieces is the bare minimum and that her co-worker, Brian wears 37 pieces of flair…

The point being of course is to be clear about your expectations. There is no benefit in setting ambiguous goals and standards, when you expect something more. This cannot be overstated when it comes to teaching and learning.

One of the things I heard repeatedly at a recent workshop series on blended learning is students often do not have a clear understanding of what to expect regarding the amount of time required outside the classroom. Blended by definition, requires more time on task outside of the classroom as instructional time shifts from the traditional face-to-face to the virtual learning environment.

My advice is to repeat course and assignment expectations early and often – from the first announcement on the first day of class, put it in the syllabus quiz, place time on task information right alongside course and assignment learning outcomes, etc.


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