Risks of Innovation

Flying onto the USS George H.W. Bush by DVIDSHUB
Flying onto the USS George H.W. Bush, CC-BY License – photo by DVIDSHUB on Flickr.

The Ohio Educational Technology Conference is coming up next week. I am looking forward to meeting with K-16 educators from across the state and learning about what kinds of innovative things they are doing with learning technologies at their institutions and in their classrooms.

This year Jesse Eastman and I will be presenting on the topic of the selection and use of innovative technologies and flexible learning spaces at the Holden University Center. Using web-conferencing software Jesse will connect with us remotely from the university center and provide a live tour of the facility. There are risks in delivering these kinds of presentations – you never know what kinds of technological surprises may present themselves (things I like to refer to as “unexpected results”).

Last year was my first Ohio E-Tech conference. There was a new presentation format – the  “Pecha Kucha” session (pronounced p’cha k’cha). Pecha Kucha presentations are twenty slides in length, each slide displayed for twenty seconds. Pecha Kucha nights are very popular amongst designers and can be found in metropolitan areas all over the world, including Cleveland.

This was my first Pecha Kucha presentation from last year’s Ohio Learning Network (OLN) Spring Colloquium. My topic had to do with sustainability and adoption of emerging learning technologies. It was an interesting and challenging experience trying to graphically convey my message and to time the delivery so that the narration flowed smoothly with the timing of the images.

Innovation has its risks and we learn by trying new things. Thing don’t always work the way that we expect, but we can benefit by learning invaluable lessons that help us to improve and to share with others so they may learn from our experiences. Besides… its fun!


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