Sloan-C Workshops via OLN College Pass

As a member of the Ohio Learning Network (OLN) Lakeland Community College faculty may take advantage of up to ten free Sloan-C workshop per year. Any individual faculty member may attend up to three workshops on a first-come-first-serve basis. So far this year we have had no takers.

The Sloan-C workshops each last from one to two weeks and are delivered asynchronously online using Moodle. Workshop participants are engaged in various authentic learning activities and upon successful completion will be awarded a certificate. Lakeland CC faculty interested in enrolling in a Sloan-C workshop through the OLN College Pass program should contact the Learning Technologies office at 440.525.7495.

A partial list of the workshops for this summer include…

Dates May
5/25 – 6/3 Fair Use and the TEACH Act: A Closer Look
Dates JUNE
6/6 – 6/26 Asynchronous Tools for the Blended Classroom (#2 in series)
6/8 – 6/17 Blended Learning: Using the HyFlex Course and Design Process
6/8 – 6/17 Workload Management Strategies in Online Education
6/15 – 6/24 MERLOT 101: An Introduction to MERLOT
6/15 – 6/24 Web Accessibility for Online Learning: A How-To Guide for Creating Accessible Content
6/15 – 6/24 Beyond Google and Bing: Mining the Internet
6/22 – 7/8 Getting Started: The First Step Toward Online Teaching (open workshop & pre-requisite for the Online Teaching Certificate)
6/29 – 7/8 Developing Assessment Techniques for Online Education
Dates JULY
7/6 – 7/15 Dynamic Collaboration, Discussion, and Facilitation Practices
7/11 – 8/1 Blended Learning Series – Part 1: Designing Blended Courses and Building a Blended Learning CommunityThis workshop can only be taken as part of the Blended Learning Series.
7/13 – 7/22 Using Moodle to Create Online Courses
7/13 – 7/22 Podcasting in Higher Education: Current Trends and Applications
7/18 – 8/7 Synchronous Activities for the Blended Classroom (#3 in series)
7/20 – 7/29 PowerPoint Less: Going Beyond .ppt to Build Effective, Interactive, Online Presentations
7/20 – 7/29 Video and Audio Tools for Teaching and Learning
7/27 – 8/5 Online Learning and the Military Student: How You Can Better Serve Those Who Serve
7/27 – 8/5 Impact Assessment
8/10 – 8/19 Encouraging Your Faculty to Use MERLOT to Enhance Their Classes
8/10 – 8/19 The Mindful Classroom: Identifying, Understanding, and Managing Student Stressors
8/17 – 8/26 Leadership Principles
8/17 – 9/2 Getting Started: The First Step Towards Online Teaching (open workshop & pre-requisite for the Online Teaching Certificate)
8/24 – 9/2 Providing Effective Feedback in Online Courses for Enabling Student Learning
8/24 – 9/16 Synchronous Teaching

For the full list of Sloan-C workshops and descriptions click HERE.


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