Twitter and Student Engagement

Blue Birds
BY-NC-SA by Monette Enriquez

Dr. Rey Junco’s blog describes his research project demonstrating how the use of Twitter can increase student engagement and improve grades…

“Our results suggest that Twitter can be used to engage students in ways that are important for their academic and social development. We were able to leverage Twitter to support Chickering and Gamson’s (1987) seven principles for good practice in undergraduate education”

Being of the Missouri school of instructional technology mind-set, I sometimes need to see for myself how emerging technologies support teaching and learning. This article is fairly convincing (follow the above link and click on the link to the PDF to get the full 14 page report). What I found especially useful were the practical and relevant activities on pp 4-5, and the “Implications” on page 10 describing how the activities were used to support the seven principles.


2 thoughts on “Twitter and Student Engagement

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